Creating a Maintenance Plan for Your Commercial Roof

Creating a Maintenance Plan for Your Commercial Roof

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As 2013 ends and a new year begins, your commercial business is likely looking at creating budgets and finding ways to cut costs and improve efficiency in facilities management for the coming year. If you don’t already have a roofing maintenance plan in place, now is the time to create a plan. In the short-term it may seem like a hassle, but in the long-term this plan can save you money and time by ensuring your Orlando roofing is ready for whatever comes your way.

Step 1: Review and Inspect the Roof

You will need to assess the current state of the roof to ensure that your plan is accurate and feasible. After all, if the roof is in disrepair and needs immediate attention, that will change your plan versus a roof that has recently been replaced or is in generally good condition. This is your starting point to create the maintenance plan for your roofing in Orlando. You can also hire roofers in Orlando to come and inspect the roof for you if you don’t have the right experience to properly assess the roof. They can also repair any minor damage at the time so you begin your roofing maintenance plan with the roof in good condition.

Step 2: Create an Inspection & Repair Calendar

The next step for any commercial building owner is to create an actual timeline and plan for getting regular maintenance inspections and repairs. If you wait until there is a problem to fix, it can end up causing more damaging and costing you more in the long run than if you spend the money to hire and Orlando roof repair company to inspect and repair it on a regular schedule. Generally you should plan on having inspections twice a year, and the spring (after winter weather) and fall (after hurricane season) are great times to do it.

Step 3: Begin Planning Now for Replacement

Eventually even the best commercial roofing in Orlando is going to wear out and need to be replaced. If you start planning now for when that day is likely to come, you can be better prepared with the necessary budget to pay for a new roof. Without a plan, this news could come as a big surprise, and if you don’t have the budget to do it, you could find your company in financial trouble trying to come up with the money on short notice.

Creating a maintenance plan for your Orlando commercial roofing is the best way to ensure it lasts as long as possible, and prepare for repairs and replacement costs when they come up. Now is a great time to start planning.

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