Cool Roofing Comes in Metal, Tile and Asphalt

Cool Roofing Comes in Metal, Tile and Asphalt

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Cool roofing is a smart roofing choice in Orlando. We have lots of sunny days and it’s hot much of the year. For some people, the primary reason they consider cool roofing is the potential of utility savings. For others, it’s the lower environmental impact. Whether you have a steep or low slope building, you have cool roofing options.

How Much Does Cool Roofing Save Me?

That’s a question we hear frequently and there’s no easy answer. Every home and business are different and the insulation and temperature you keep your home influences your savings. Here’s what we can tell you. A light colored or ENERGY STAR® rated roof can lower the surface temperature of the roof by as much as 60 degrees. Instead of the roof being between 170-190 degrees on a summer day, it could be 110 – 130. With less heat on your roof, there’s less transference into your building.

What is the Best Cool Roofing Product?

The best option is any of the ENERGY STAR rated roofing products. However, in addition to the roofing product being important, proper roof installation is essential. Your roofing contractor should install a total roofing system including proper ventilation so that your roof can release the hot air rather than trapping it inside.

For commercial buildings, simply changing the roof’s surface from black to white will make a difference even if it’s not an ENERGY STAR rated product. Many roof coatings come in white and extend the useful life of your roof which helps delay a total replacement. Ask your Orlando roofing contractor about their commercial roof coatings.

Why Should I Consider Cool Roofing?

Cool roofing is more expensive than traditional roofing products, especially asphalt shingles. However, when you consider the savings, and these other reasons to go cool, you may realize that you end up saving money over the long term.

  • Reduced cooling costs – When your roof doesn’t get as hot, you won’t spend as much cooling the building.
  • Longer life for your AC – The less you use your air conditioner, the longer it will last (with proper maintenance, of course), meaning you won’t be replacing your unit as frequently.
  • Lower carbon footprint – Anytime you use a non-renewable resource, you’re impacting your carbon footprint. Consuming less electricity and not replacing your air conditioner as often lowers your carbon footprint.
  • Reduce the urban heat island effect – This is especially true for large commercial buildings. The more businesses that choose light colored roofing products, the less we’ll see the urban heat island effect in Orlando.

Russ Noyes Roofing is an Orlando roofing contractor offering GAF and other brand cool roofing products. If you’re looking for a cool roof for your home or business, call us at 407-388-7700 today for your appointment.

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