Consider Tile Roofing for Your New Roof

Consider Tile Roofing for Your New Roof

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You may wonder why a homeowner would upgrade their asphalt roof for tile roofing when it’s more expensive and may require significant structural reinforcement. It’s because of the durability, energy savings and longevity of tile roofing, plus it looks amazing.

Today’s Tile is Different

You may be familiar only with old style barrel tiles that come in an orange hue, but today’s tile roofing is so much more. Of course, it is still available in the traditional barrel shape and natural clay colors but also many other options. First, you’ll want to choose from clay or concrete. Then you’ll need to select your style which includes traditional styles, flat shake like tile, Roman, French and ribbed to name a few. Lastly, the color options range from solid colors to color blends in hues not available in other roofing materials.

Adds Insulative Value

If you’re near the airport you will likely find that your home is quieter with tile roofing. The natural insulative value of tile provides some sound insulation that no other roofing material can match. Plus, certain style tiles will help your home feel more comfortable as it’s add a layer of insulation against the heat in Orlando.


If this is your forever home, consider a forever roof. Did you know with proper maintenance today’s roof tiles can last 50 or more years? And maintenance for tile is often less costly than maintenance to asphalt shingles. The extra you’ll spend up front for your new tile roof can be recouped in savings from installing one or even two additional asphalt shingle roofs.


When you trust an experienced tile roofing company to install your new tile roof, it will withstand winds in excess of 130 mph. That means when your neighbors are dealing with a roof leak due to missing shingles after the next tropical storm or hurricane, you won’t be. Tile roofing’s unique installation makes it perfect to withstand wind and heavy rains.

Still Not Convinced?

You may find that you’ll save on your homeowner’s insurance when you switch to tile roofing because of its durability and the fact it’s extremely fire resistance. If you want to speak with an experienced tile roofing company, call Russ Noyes Roofing. We’ll discuss the benefits of installation on your home or business and provide you with a no obligation quote for just the right new roof. Call 407-388-5700 or fill out our contact form for your appointment.

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