Come on Roof, You Had One Job!

Come on Roof, You Had One Job!

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roof leak water damageYou expect your roof will protect your home and keep the rain out. Without proper maintenance and a good roofing contractor inspecting it, you will eventually end up needing roof leak repair. If you notice or suspect a leak, get it checked out immediately. If it’s been around a while and you only just realized you have a leak because of the water dripping through your ceiling, here are the steps to take.

1.      Place Buckets and Move Furniture

Most people know to place a bucket below the leak but not all think about removing the furniture. If you have a plastic tarp or even a shower curtain, you may want to place it below the bucket. Once the water begins coming through your ceiling, it’s likely water has saturated a much larger area. It’s not uncommon for pieces of drywall to fall creating a much larger mess than just some water dripping through. The further you can move the items away from the leak, the better.

2.      Call Your Roofing Contractor

Your roofing contractor will be able to inspect the leak and if they can’t repair it immediately they can cover the area which will lessen any future water intrusion. Because there are so many colors and styles of shingles and tiles, it’s unlikely that your roofing contractor will perform the roof leak repair that day. If they believe the leak is storm damage related, they will recommend you call your homeowners insurance and begin a claim.

3.      Schedule the Repair

Roof leak repair isn’t something that should be put off. The damage only grows with time which means the expense of repairing will only get larger. Ask the roofing contractor providing the estimate if they can recommend anyone to handle the drywall work and replace your insulation as that will also need to be done, but not until after the repair. If they have some recommendations, make calls and get those estimates too.

The best way to avoid an expensive and extensive roof leak repair is to have regular inspections and preventative maintenance. That’s why we offer the Overhead Care Club. It’s the easiest way to ensure your roof is checked at least once a year and repairs are made in a timely manner. If you’re interested in learning more about the Overhead Care Club or if you have a roof leak, call Russ Noyes Roofing at 407-388-7700 today for your no obligation inspection.


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