Clogged Gutters Create a Need for Roof Repair

Clogged Gutters Create a Need for Roof Repair

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roof repair from clogged guttersThere are many reasons you may need roof repair for your home. One of the preventable ones is keeping your gutters clean. Significant roof damage occurs with clogged gutters, especially over long periods. Here are a few of the parts of your roofing system that can incur damage by clogged gutters.

Your Fascia and Soffits

Clogged gutters are heavier than empty ones. The added weight of the debris plus standing water puts strain on your fascia where the gutters often are attached. The water backs up in the gutters and overflows. Most homeowners see the water running over the front but fail to think that water may also be running down the back of the gutter against the house. This area remains moist for long periods causing decay. The water that runs over your gutters may enter your soffits allowing excess moisture to cause rot and speed deterioration. In extreme cases, your gutters may completely detach and fall causing damage to your siding, windows, and landscaping.

Your Shingles

Shingles at the end of your roof should guide rainwater into the gutters. Debris in the gutters puts pressure on the shingles and can actually bend them. Additionally, shingles that sit in water break down much faster than dry shingles.

Your Roof Deck

Wet shingles transfer moisture to the roof deck. If there is enough standing water in the gutter the water can be forced under the shingles into the roof deck. This is just one of the ways a home experiences dry rot and mold or mildew. When your roof deck sustains water damage, the only solution is extensive roof repair that may involve removing the shingles and replacing the damaged plywood.

Your Insulation

When insulation gets wet, it stops doing its job and needs replacing. Mold also grows in wet insulation. Insulation not only helps with heating and cooling costs but also protects your roof system. When the insulation isn’t doing its job, your shingles can deteriorate faster than they should causing further need for roof repair.

Clogged gutters damage roofs and can damage even more (see part one of out blog series). They also damage other parts of your home as discussed in part one of this two-part blog. Of course in addition to causing a need roof repair the stagnant water in the gutters give mosquitoes a place to breed! If you suspect you need roof repair for any reason, call Russ Noyes Roofing Inc for your no obligation inspection. Don’t forget to ask about our Overhead Care Club so you never have to clean your gutters again. 407-388-7700


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