Clogged Gutters Damage More than Just Your Roof

Clogged Gutters Damage More than Just Your Roof

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clogged gutters and damageClogged gutters are more than just unattractive; they can damage your home in many ways. As a roofing company, we regularly perform roof repair to homes that wouldn’t need it if they’d just kept their gutters clean. Over the next two weeks we’re going to share some facts about clogged gutters, the damage they can do, and solutions.

Avoid Problems, Keep Your Gutters Clean

Clogged gutters can damage your home from your roof to your foundation. Most people agree that one of the worst parts of homeownership is cleaning gutters. If it’s a task you can’t seem to keep up with you have three options. 

  • Hire a handyman – many companies will come and clean your gutters, just make sure to hire one who will do it properly. The last thing you want is for them to damage your siding, roof, or landscaping.
  • Install gutter guards – gutter covers or gutter guards can be expensive to have installed, but generally only a one-time investment. Gutter covers prevent most debris from entering your gutter system.
  • Overhead Care Club Membership – the Gold and Platinum level memberships include gutter cleanings plus many additional benefits. Russ Noyes Roofing is the only local roofing company who can offer the OCC.

Roofing Inspection

If your gutters were clogged and you had a handyman clean them, you should call a local roofing company for an inspection. The damage done by clogged gutters is often not visible from the ground. A good roofer will perform a complete inspection that evaluates the total roofing system. That means they should look in your attic and at the soffits, fascia, and the roof itself.

Foundation Inspection

If your gutters clogged gutters caused noticeable ground erosion around your home, you should consider calling a foundation repair company for an inspection. When ground erosion eats away at the soil around your home, the foundation can lose support and your entire home can shift.

Evaluate Your Home’s Exterior

With many homes in our area having stucco siding, one of the signs of clogged gutter damage is staining and streaking. Many times, you can clean the mildew growth with a pressure washer. Keep in mind if you have stone or brick, some manufacturers specifically state not to use a pressure washer. Most vinyl siding can also be cleaned with a pressure washer.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog that focuses on some of the roof damage caused by clogged gutters. If you already know that you have a problem at your home, call your trusted roofing company Russ Noyes Roofing, and ask about our Overhead Care Club and a roof inspection. Fill out our contact form or call 407-388-7700.

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