Top Benefits of Metal Roofing in Orlando

Top Benefits of Metal Roofing in Orlando

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metal roofing in orlandoWith the new styles and colors available for metal roofing in Orlando, we’re installing more metal roofs throughout the area than ever before. There are many benefits to considering metal roofing for your home and today we are giving you the top three.

#1 – Long Term Investment

A metal roof lasts on average twice as long as an asphalt shingle roof but doesn’t cost twice as much. Most Orlando metal roofing lasts between 30 and 50 years. Resale of homes with metal can be as much as 6% more that of a home with another roofing type. Buyers know that the maintenance costs are lower, the energy savings is greater, and the insurance discounts make it worth the extra initial cost.

#2 – Money Saving

There are three ways you can save money over the life of the roof – utility costs, maintenance expenses, and insurance premiums. The greatest energy savings comes when you choose a finish that is EnergyStar rated and provides solar reflectivity. No matter what finish you choose, you will see a level of energy savings due to the insulative properties of metal.

Metal roofs are virtually maintenance free. If you see mildew growing, you can use a hose and spray it off rather than needing a roofer to come and clean like you may on a tile or asphalt roof. Most insurance companies offer discounts for homeowners insurance on homes with metal roofing in Orlando. They know that metal is virtual wind resistant, stands up well to hail, and is fire resistant. With our unpredictable weather, insurance companies see the benefit in incentivizing homeowners.

#3 – Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofing is made from at least 50% recycled materials and can be completely recycled once its life is over. This keeps waste from landfills. Because of the lightweight nature of a metal roof, no additional support infrastructure is needed in your home, saving wood. Lastly, because it is more energy efficient, you’re using less electricity to cool your home creating a lower carbon footprint.

No matter your reason for considering metal roofing for your Orlando area home, Russ Noyes Roofing can help. Let us provide you with a no obligation consultation and discuss how a metal roof could benefit you. Contact us to schedule your appointment with one of our team members 407-388-7700.

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