Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?

Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?

hurricane season are you ready

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As an Orlando roofing company, about this time every year we post a blog about hurricane season approaching. You may wonder why we do this and waste time and resources rehashing the same information and giving the same warning. Because it’s that serious and that important. Of course, we hope that this year we are unscathed, however with the National Hurricane Center already naming the first storm of the season, it’s likely we’re going to see something come through Orlando.

Things to Do Now

Although no amount of preparation can completely protect your home from storm damage, there are things you can do right now to lessen the extent of the damage in the event a tropical storm or hurricane comes through. First, make sure your gutters are clean and firmly attached to your home. Then walk around your home and look for loose, missing or misaligned shingles. This indicates you need a roofer to provide an inspection and repair as loose shingles become projectiles in a storm. Your roofer can inspect your roof and provide you with a written report and repair estimate. Take pictures of your home’s exterior so that in the event you have an insurance claim, you have proof of the state of your home before the storm.

Tips in the Event You Have Storm Damage

Your safety is the most important thing to consider. If the damage is so severe that you don’t think it’s safe to stay in your home, get out. If you have visible damage and roof leaks, call your trusted Orlando roofing company. They will be able to cover the roof to provide some temporary protection until your insurance company can send an adjustor. Remember, you have the right to choose the roofers who perform your roof repair or replacement. Don’t let an out of the area gypsy roofer or one who doesn’t have good ratings provide you with a substandard roof. Trust only a licensed Orlando roofing company with your home.

The pre-season forecast is looking like we’re going to have a slightly above average season. If you haven’t worked with your Orlando roofing company to make sure your roof is in good shape and ready to protect you this hurricane season, call Russ Noyes Roofing. We will provide you with an inspection and make all necessary roof repairs. If you’re interested in roof maintenance, we offer the Overhead Care Club (OCC) to help keep your roof in top shape and our OCC customers receive priority queuing in the event of a major weather event.

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