4 Things to Know About Your Roofing Warranty

4 Things to Know About Your Roofing Warranty

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Whether you are getting a new roof, or you are having repairs done on your existing roof, it’s important to take a look at what kind of warranty the Orlando roofers offer. A warranty can be a valuable tool for manufacturers and roofers to help sell their products, and can also be a valuable tool for a homeowner who purchases the roof. The key is to know what to look for so you get a valuable warranty that will be useful in the event you need to redeem it.

Read the Warranty

It’s not the most exciting reading, but it is important that you take the time to read through all the details of the warranty before you buy. Sometimes certain things are included or excluded, or it may be voided by certain activities. It’s critical that you know and understand your responsibilities and those of the Orlando roofers so you can maximize the value of your warranty.

Perform Required Maintenance

Your warranty may have required or recommended maintenance that you, as the homeowner, must perform in order for it to remain valid. It’s critical that you know what is required, and when it must be done, so you don’t mistakenly invalidate the warranty.

Know What’s Covered

Not all warranties cover all repairs. Some warranties will cover replacement only, some will cover repairs, while others will include both. In addition, the warranty may specify that normal wear and tear or damage from severe weather is not covered, since that is expected over the life of a roof. Most warranties will cover product defects, but there may be stipulations about whether the damage resulted from installation and workmanship, or manufacturing defects.

Save Receipts and Documents

You will need the warranty information in case you ever need to make a claim, so save all important documentation. If you have repairs done, it’s also a good idea to save all the receipts and information from the contractors who perform the work. Even if you’re not sure whether you need it, save the information just in case.

Roofing warranties can be a great value for a homeowner, as long as you get what you expect. Read through your warranty and understand it to get the most out of it.

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