3 Ways to Ensure Your Roof is Ready for Hurricane Season

3 Ways to Ensure Your Roof is Ready for Hurricane Season

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Hurricanes are devastating storms, posing serious risks to people and to their homes. If your home is not ready for the storm, the high winds and torrential rains can be particularly hard on your Orlando roofing. Now is the time to prepare before the peak hurricane season is upon you.

Inspect Your Orlando Roofing

Begin by hiring an Orlando roofing contractor to come and do an inspection for your roof. While you might think that you can do the inspection on your own, it’s best to have a trained professional come to your home so they can spot small issues that a do-it-yourself roofer might not notice.

Make Repairs Immediately

Any repairs that your contractor identifies as potential risks should be addressed immediately. The most important things to identify are missing or loose shingles or tiles, since these areas can leave your roof exposed to wet weather and more extensive damage during a storm.

Add Storm Protections

Newer homes often come with added protections in place to avoid wind and rain damage, but if you have an older home you might want to consider bracing the roof from the underneath to protect against wind lift and other damages that are common from the high winds that hurricanes can bring. It might be hard to tell if your roofing in Orlando includes these protections, so talk to a contractor to find out.

Remove Threats Around the Roofing

Other things that could cause significant damage are not necessarily on the roof, but are around the roof. These are things like branches on nearby trees, excess debris or leaves in your gutters, or toys, patio furniture, and other things that could become projectiles in the high winds of a hurricane. Clean these things up and remove these threats to avoid any problems.

It can be dangerous to perform roofing inspections and repairs on your own if you don’t have the proper safety materials, so call a licensed roofing contractor in Orlando to come and help inspect and make repairs so you can have peace of mind knowing your roof is as secure as possible leading up to hurricane season in 2015.

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