3 Things to Look for During Roofing Inspections

3 Things to Look for During Roofing Inspections

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If you are a building manager in charge of coordinating or performing commercial roofing inspections in Orlando, you already know that funding for roof repairs or replacement is often limited. That means you need to do whatever you can to prolong the useful life of the existing roof without breaking the bank. Here are three of the most common things you should be on the lookout for during roofing inspections that might indicate potential problems and should be taken care of immediately.

Roof System

Check the roofing system itself for signs of tears or damage. Since flat roofing can become damaged from too much traffic it’s best to perform visual inspections several times a year, and hire a professional Orlando roofing contractor to do the inspections at least annually. They will be able to do it carefully to avoid causing damage during an inspection.


Many commercial roofs in Orlando are flat, which provides a great surface for storing things like air conditioning units. Skylights are also common in many commercial buildings, but all of these protrusions provide areas where water can come in. Check around the flashings for signs of water leaks and inspect to make sure they aren’t rusting or coming apart.

Drains & Gutters

The drain system on your Orlando commercial roofing is one of the most important, and perhaps one of the most often overlooked, systems on the roof. It’s critical that you note any areas where water is not draining properly or spots where the drains and gutters have become damaged or clogged. Getting water off your flat commercial roofing ensures it won’t pond and cause damage later.

In addition to all these things, a maintenance manager for commercial roofing in Orlando should also be aware of the date of roof installation, who the contractor was, what the warranty provides, and how often it has been inspected and repaired over the course of its life. These details can help plan effectively for future roof repair needs, and the eventual timeline for replacement.

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