3 Things You Must Inspect on Your Roof After Storm Season

3 Things You Must Inspect on Your Roof After Storm Season

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Although the 2013 hurricane season was relatively quiet compared to early season forecasts, the end of hurricane season (which is officially over on November 30) always calls for a quick roof inspection to ensure that your home and your roof have weathered the season well. If you fail to check, storm damage in Orlando could wreak lasting havoc on your roof, costing you more in the long run. Here are three things to check for when you inspect your roof.

1: Missing or Damaged Shingles

Ideally, you should check your roof for missing or damaged shingles every time there is a storm, but if you haven’t had a chance to get out and take a look yet this year, be sure to inspect it now. If you’re not comfortable getting on the roof to check for signs of damage, such as missing or curling shingles, hire Orlando roofers to come over and check for you. The best way to prevent future damage is to get any current damage repaired right away before it becomes a leak.

2: Debris on the Roof

Another important thing after hurricane season is to check for any debris that may have blown onto the roof. Even in a mild season, there are still storms that bring high winds and can blow items from your yard onto the roof. If these items remain on the roof, they can harbor moisture, making it more difficult for your roof to dry, which causes damaged shingles.

3: Cluttered Gutters

Another thing that hurricane season, rain, and high wind can do is clog up your gutters. When they are filled with branches, leaves, and rocks, the water is unable to flow freely to the downspouts and away from your home. The result is water buildup around the foundation of the house that can cause a cracked foundation, leaks, and other harm to the house. If you are uncomfortable getting on the roof to clean out the gutters, hire Orlando roofers or a professional gutter cleaning company to help.

Taking some time at the end of the hurricane season to inspect your roof and get it back in shape is a great way to ensure that your roof will last for several more seasons to come.

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